Wednesday, March 3, 2010

this is done in Photoshop using pen tablet. A concept art based on a character from the folk tales of Manipur.

An illustration in adobe illustrator. wallpaper.

This one is done in adobe illustrator.

this one is done in Photoshop, here i play with the background. I merge different images and created the background.

Another design create for my fren Lucky. this is an abstract design created in adobe illustrator. i play with the symbols in the software itself....

This is another poster ad for my band "OFFSCALE" this work totally done in Photoshop. the effects were mainly drawn from photoshop brushes .

Just a random Illustration on adobe illustrator, just a pic of mine and m trying to show every corner of life. well the symbols were from the software itself i just adjust them in a better attractive way of my own....